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The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a coach training and certification program for all coaches in more than 60 sports. The NCCP has moved towards a competency-based approach where coaches are:

  • trained in NCCP outcomes relevant to the participants they are coaching
    (recreational participants to National level athletes);
  • evaluated by demonstrating coaching outcomes to a specified standard.

To learn more about the NCCP, visit the Coaching Association of Canada web site and refer to the Karate Canada NCCP Operations Manual.

Karate Canada has defined a participant and a coach development model as well as 3 pathways in order to clarify how one goes about becoming a certified coach, and to demonstrate the overall vision of the federation for its coaches and participants in the years to come.

Development Models

  • Participant Development Model (PDF)
  • Coach Development Model (PDF)


Instruction Beginner Certification
This weekend workshop is tailored for coaches of athletes who wish to equip themselves with fundamental karate coaching knowledge. The workshop focuses on planning, safety, basic teaching and learning theory, as well as preparing coaches to analyze karate skills.

NOTE: It is recommended to hold a karate brown belt to take this course.

For upcoming workshops, please refer to your Provincial Karate Organization.

  • Instruction Beginner Coach Pathway (PDF)
  • Instruction Beginner Coach Portfolio to submit for evaluation (PDF)


Competition Introduction Certification
Intended for coaches who want to enhance their repertoire of karate skills and possibly enter their athletes into competition, this weekend workshop is a good introduction to the competitive environment of the sport. Coaches will learn in-depth planning, supporting and improving athlete competition skills, and a detailed overview of the rules governing karate competitive settings.

NOTE: It is recommended to have done the Instruction Beginner course prior to register for the Competition Introduction course. Coaches should also hold a black belt in karate.

For upcoming workshops, please refer to your Provincial Karate Organization.

  • Competition Introduction Coach Pathway (PDF)
  • Competition Introduction Coach Portfolio to submit for evaluation (PDF)


Competition Development Certification
For senior level coaches working with Provincial and National Team athletes, this mix of multisport and karate specific modules will provide well-rounded training for developing competitive athletes. Participants will learn to manage a competitive sport program, effectively deal with sport psychology and ethical issues, as well as learn to analyze and evaluate skill and performance.

NOTE: It is recommended to have done the Competition Introduction course prior to register to the Competition Development workshop. Coaches should also hold a karate black belt.

For upcoming workshops, please contact Alexandra Roy, Karate Canada’s Program Manager.

  • Competition Development Coach Pathway (PDF)
  • Competition Development Coach Portfolio to submit for evaluation (PDF)
Coach Developers
Interested in training coaches to become experts in coaching? Become a Coach Developer! See information on Coach Developer Training and contact your Provincial Karate Organization or Alexandra Roy to submit your application.

Karate Canada National Championships NCCP Policy
In order to assure that Provincial Coaching Staff are obtaining the proper training to provide their athletes with the best possible support and in alignment with Sport Canada expectations, Karate Canada is establishing requirements for coaches who wish to participate in the National Championships and other coaching related events.

  • Karate Canada National Championships NCCP Policy for 2016-2018 (PDF)