Working Together to be the Voice and Image of Canadian Karate.


Karate Canada operates through its committees, who oversee and implement policies and guidelines that affect different aspects of sport karate in Canada. You will find an overview of each committee below.

Board-related Committees

Finance Committee

Mandate: To oversee all financial activities for Karate Canada and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on financial issues.

Communications and Marketing Committee

Mandate:To oversee all communications and marketing strategies for Karate Canada.

Governance and Policy Committee

Mandate: To make recommendations to Karate Canada’s Board of Directors concerning governance, in accordance with Karate Canada’s Bylaws and policies.

Sport-related Operational Committees

Domestic Development Committee

Mandate: To increase participation and promote the growth of karate in Canada, to enrich PSO relations and communications, and to promote Karate Canada programs nationwide.

Events Committee

Mandate: To set guidelines, plan, oversee and provide support for the organization of all Karate Canada events.

High Performance Committee

Mandate: To oversee all Karate Canada’s Senior and Junior National Team Programs, and to optimize all aspects of high performance.

Officials Committee

Mandate: The Officials Committee is responsible for the recruitment, training and evaluation of national officials. It is also responsible for increasing the quantity of officials and for improving the quality of officiating in Canada.

NCCP / LTAD Committee

Mandate: To oversee the development, communication and implementation of NCCP and LTAD programs in provincial and territorial sport organizations.

Technical Commmittee

Mandate: To assess new style associations for Karate Canada, to adjudicate National Dan examinations and to provide advice on general karate tradition.

Para-Karate Committee (formely called AWAD Committee)

Mandate: To investigate, develop and implement Karate Canada’s National program for the integration of para-athletes into Karate programs and events, including the competition structure.